Raspberry Point International Oyster Shucking Championship

2016 Raspberry Point Oyster Shucking Winner

Eamon Clark, 2016 Winner

2016 Competition Winners:
1st ($2,000) – Eamon Clark
2nd ($500) – Jason Nagy
3rd ($100) – Ian Peck
Cleanest Plate – TIE Ian Peck & Eamon Clark

Do you think you can break the record for shucking oysters? Compete amongst the best shuckers in the world on the festival main stage. This competition is presented by Raspberry Point oysters.


  • Open to all Canadian and International residents
  • Competition is limited to 20 participants
  • Competition will take place on main festival stage
  • Contestants will open and present 12 oysters on the half shell

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Selection of applicants to compete is at the discretion of the Competition Committee

Competition Details

Date/Time: Saturday, September 17th, 2016 (TIME TBA)

What is provided ?

  • Each contestant will receive 14 oysters of their choice, in which they will select their 12 competition oysters
  • A platter of coarse salt to present the 12 shucked oysters

What to bring?

  • Contestants must supply handwear, shucking knives, cutting board, and any other related equipment
  • Contestants may wear finger stalls or gloves
  • Contestants may use a towel to hold oysters in place
  • Contestants may carry one back-up shucking knife
  • All equipment must be approved by the judges


  • Must be presentable keeping with the occasion and representing themselves, the province, and any sponsoring organization to the best advantage

At the discretion of the judges and timekeepers

  • If Contestant does not comply with the rules of the contest
  • If Contestant distracts another competitor by vocal or physical interference during the competition
  • If Contestant is deemed to have committed a flagrant and/or unseemly impropriety during the competition


  • There will be 3 judges including a Chief Judge
  • Each shall have considerable experience and/or knowledge of the half shell oyster service
  • There will be 1 Chief Timekeeper
  • Each contestant will have a separate timekeeper
  • Contestants will poise his/her shucking knife at head height to indicate readiness
  • At signal of Master of Ceremonies, all timekeepers simultaneously start their watches and contestants begin to shuck
  • Contestants will be provided with 14 choice PEI oysters and must open and present 12 oysters
  • Contestants must tap the table or raise both hands overhead and step back from the shucking table when shucking is complete and oysters are presented to his/her satisfaction
  • The timekeeper will immediately stop the watch
  • Contestants may not touch tray of oysters after he/she has signalled completion

To be determined by the 3 judges

The following conditions render an oyster unpresentable and are subject to the following penalties:

  1. Unpresented – less than 12 opened oysters on the completed platter. Penalty Time: 30 seconds/oyster
  2. Not presented upright or meat out of shell. Penalty Time: 10 seconds/oyster
  3. Presented on flat shell. Penalty Time: 10 seconds/oyster
  4. Presented with blood on oyster meat. Penalty Time: 30 seconds/oyster
  5. Presented with a broken (in two pieces) undershell. Penalty Time: 10 seconds/oyster
  6. Presented with shell, grit, mud or other extraneous material. Penalty Time: 2 seconds/oyster
  7. Presented with meat cut or mangled. Penalty Time: 2 seconds/oyster
  8. Oyster is completely severed from the shell. Penalty Time: 3 seconds/oyster *If more than 6 oysters are penalized for this reason, penalty time increases to 10 seconds/oyster)

Judges will provide the Chief Timekeeper with each contestants overall penalty scores

  • Chief timekeeper will add the penalties to the shucking time for each contestant to determine actual shucking time
  • Overall score determined by a combination of actual shucking time, shucked appearance, presence of shell, grit, broken shell cup, meat cut etc.
  • The winner is that contestant who has the lowest total seconds score and has not been disqualified
  • Master of Ceremonies will announce the results of the competition on main stage Sunday, September 18th.

1st Place: $2,000

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $100


  • Right to use the 2016 Raspberry Point International Oyster Shucking Championship seal for promotions purposes until September 2017.
  • The winner will be profiled on www.peishellfish.com including a link to the winner’s restaurant or catering service website.
  • Winner’s picture and name will be used for promotion in 2017 marketing materials and festival brochure under the direction of the Festival Marketing Team.
  • Included in all media releases and media relations in regards to the Raspberry Point Oyster Shucking Competition
  • Interview as defending champion with all media present at the 2016 Shellfish Festival

2015 Title Champions

1st – Jason Nagy – Total Time: 1:11:62

2nd – Patrick McMurray – Total Time: 1:16:90

3rd – Daniel Notkin – Total Time: 1:21:40

Cleanest Plate – Jason Nagy


2014 Title Champions

SFF 2014-9531st Place ($2,000) – Daniel Notkin   1:20:13

2nd Place ($500) –Patrick McMurray  1:21:45

3rd Place ($200) – Jesse Papastavros   1:26:12

Cleanest Plate ($100) – TIE: Andy Black & Janet Hardy-Callaghan

Photographed by Sandpiper Studios.

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