Tie One On Mussel Competition

2016 Tie One On Competition

Neil Ellsworth – Tie One On Competition Winner


2016 Competition Winners:
1st ($1,500) – Neil Ellsworth
2nd ($750) – Lester Clow
3rd ($500) – Jeff Peterson

2016 Tie One On Mussel Competition Contest Rules & Registration

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If you think you are the best, challenge yourself against the best in the industry in the art of tying buoys and socks! The Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival is pleased to announce that the Tie One On Mussel Competition will be held on the MAIN STAGE at the 2016 Shellfish Festival!

To register, please download entry form by clicking here.

The Tie One On Mussel Competition will be held Saturday September 17, 2016. This year’s event will see individuals compete against each other to determine the best! All ropes, buoys and socks will be provided. Off-Island competitors are also encouraged to participate. The competition is open to 16 individual participants (maximum of two per mussel farm operation)

As a competitor in the Tie One On Mussel Competition I agree:

  • To be dressed in rain/oil pants and rubber boots while competing. Competitors are responsible for their own equipment and materials.
  • To start with my hands on the rail and start only when told to go.
  • To tie the socks and buoys at a spacing that will be determined by random at the start of the competition.
  •  To tie the socks to the line with a minimum of one clove hitch, tight with no more than a 6 inch tail on the top of the sock. NOTE: Other knots may be added but not substituted for the clove hitch.
  •  That I will not drop the sock and weight over the side of the boat during the competition. (Competitors will be subject to point deductions if this does occur.)
  • To throw my hands in the air once I have finished. (Clock will stop once competitor has their hands in the air.)
  • To be judged based on time, spacing and accuracy.
  •  To absolve the PEI International Shellfish Festival, its sponsors, organizers, volunteers and hosts of any liability arising for any damage or injury that may occur.
  •   Use of images and/or video and contestants names become the property of the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and may be used for promotional purposes or other means as they choose.
  •   To abide by the decision of the judges and take such decision as final.
  • To compete in a friendly manner that displays good sportsmanship.

Rules are subject to change the morning of the event.

2015 Title Champions

tie one on

1st- Dave Davis – $1500

2nd- Lester Clow – $750

3rd- Neil Ellsworth – $500






 2014 Title Champions

SFF 2014-638

1st place ($1500) – Neil Ellsworth

2nd place ($750) – Lester Clow

3rd place ($500) – Alan MacLeod

Photographed by Sandpiper Studios.


 2013 Title Champions

Oyster Growers - Zapco

Oyster Growers – Zapco

1st place ($1500) – Neil Ellsworth

2nd place ($750) – Lester Clow

3rd place ($500) – Mark Habbi




2012 Title Champions

1st Place- Denton Chappell & Dustin Chappell

2nd Place – Neil Ellsworth & Barry Campbell

3rd Place – Tie: Lester Clow & Mark Habbi
Tie: Martin Paynter & Stephen Cole


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