Garland Canada International Chef Challenge Recap

 If you didn’t get the chance to catch the Garland Canada International Chef Challenge at the Shellfish Festival this year, check it out! We invited 10 top chefs from across North America to compete for a grand prize of $10,000.



Two “heats” of five took place under the big white tent on Friday September 13, 2013. Each chef had a work station including 2 work tables and 4 burners and were required to create a seafood entree using “stove top cooking”, NO OVENS! Each competitor had 60 minutes of prep time to create their entree to serve to 3 tasting judges with Prince Edward Island Shellfish as the main ingredient. 

The competitors felt the pressure while the clock ticked and the judges scrutinized their work with an audience cheering them on. The top 2 finalists, Chef Ryan Morrison and Chef Marc Lepine competed head to head on the main stage on Saturday September 14th, 2013.

Chef Ryan Morrison, Assistant Corporate Chef of The Glowbal Collection created a show-stopping coriander-poached lobster with chanterelles, spearmint and fennel, served with a loaded potato and crab hush puppy (a decadent crab-stuffed fitter) topped with cauliflower and oyster puree and sprinkles with dill pickled mustard seeds.

Chef Marc Lepine, reigning champion of the 2012 International Chef Challenge, is the owner of Atelier Restaurant in Ottawa, ON. Lepine’s final dish was a Lobster poached in orange beurre blanc with miso mayo, ‎crab meatballs, fennel sponge, and wild rice krispies.


CHEF RYAN MORRISON taking home the $10,000 cash! 



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