2012 Winning Recipe – PEI Potato Seafood Chowder Championship, Chef Billy Shields

 Chef Billy Shields, Peakes Quay Restaurant & Bar


Yield 8L

1l 2% milk (optional)

2 or 3l 36% whipping cream

1 medium carrot

1 medium spanish or sweet onion

2 stocks (sticks of celery)

1lb margarine, butter or blend of both

1 1/2 lb all purpose flour

1 t each dried basil, oregano, or blend of both

6 cloves of garlic roasted & pureed (optional)

6 T pureed processed roasted garlic

6 l water salted with 3T regular salt or coarse sea salt

5lbs Island Blue Mussels

10lbs Island Potato (your choice of style, flavour)

3lbs 80-120 ct bag scallops preferably or broken scallops just as well

5 lbs Haddock fresh preferably but frozen will work also

2lb Lobster Claw/ Knuckle or Lobster blend


peel & wash vegetables, potato, dice accordingly to size preferred and set aside (potatoes in water)

With salted water boiling!!


Mussels 4-5 minutes till shells open, fish out with strainer, put aside, cook, pick mussel meat out of shell, put meat aside, compost shells

Scallops 3-4 minutes till shrunken up & firm to touch, fish out with strainer, cool, put aside.

Haddock, toughest one to do! Place fillets in water. Gently stir twice during a 5 min cook time.

Gently fish out with strainer. (Pieces will start to fall apart, that’s normal) Cool, put aside.

Lobster, place lobster in water, 1-2 minutes fish out, put aside to cool.

Potato, cook 12-14 minutes till either knife or for will go into potato easily but not break apart. Fish out with strainer, put aside to cool.

Step #1

-Dice carrot, celery, onion (equal parts) small is dice is preferred but larger dice is acceptable

l lb butter, margarine or blend, melt butter or desired choice, saute or sweat vegetables till softened. Usually 10 mins over medium heat without browning vegetables too much

Add 1 teaspoon dried basil, oregano, dill weed, roasted garlic puree (optional). Stir in and cook 1-2 minutes just to incorporate flavour into roux.

Add 1 1/2 lbs all purple flour. Consistency will be quite thick. Usually wooden spoon or strong handle rubber spatula preferred.

Cook roux over same medium heat for 14-16 minutes, stir occasionally.

Step #2

Once roux is cooked, you now add the seafood flavour stock reserved from poaching your mussels, scallops, haddock, lobster & potatoes. Add your stock in increments while stirring to incorporate and continue to maintain its thickness.

– Once seafood flavour is mixed in you now have the option of adding milk preferably, (water is also fine at this point)

Now gently place your par cooked seafood, potatoes into mixture. Stirring gently now is essential not to continually break down seafood pieces.

Step # 3

-This is essentially the base for seafood chowder.

-Now you add the whipping cream, fresh dill cut, roast garlic puree, coarse sea salt (preferably) regular salt is also good Dashes of Worcestershire, Franks or tabasco are preferred but optional. The consistency is up to you whether you like it a little thinner or thicker.

You now have the 2012 award winning PEI Potato Chowder Championship recipe.